A new version of Nissan GT-R planned for 2014

A new version of Nissan GT-R planned for 2014

Nissan car manufacturer has made a tradition from the releasing rumors about its future models. That’s how some info about the 2014 GT-R model has been revealed for all the car enthusiasts. The Japanese company is planning to improve the current GT-R without creating a brand new member for its family, at least not until 2018, when they are planning to reveal a brand new car that, as they hope, will take over the Asian market and not only. But there are five more years until an official announcement like that will be made and until then we have to be happy with the modifications that will be bring on the current models.

The updates on the next GT-R are not major, like other companies have done for their cars, but the modifications in looks and performance will be noticeable. For the interior we will have a new stylish trim on the front seats and some changes for the dashboard, but they will keep the useful and driver friendly design that we all know.

The performances will be improved and there are some rumors about a twin turbo 3.8 liter V6 engine that could develop 542 hp and 632 Nm of torque. If this is true, that could mean a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. Also the next model will be equipped with a new automatic gearbox that will be easier to access for maintenance and eventual repairs, but let’s hope that such a thing won’t be necessary.  New spoilers and suspensions will be installed along with a slight modification of the chassis. All these improvements are created to offer a better driving experience for the future owners of Nissan GT-R. The Japanese tradition of development and evolution will be present in the manufacturing of the new 2014 GT-R Nissan and this politics are the reason for which the Japanese company is so appreciated all over the world.

I can’t wait to hear the official version of these rumors and if we judge by how Nissan is managing to surprise us all the time, I bet that they are true and the 2014 GT-R will be a real success, but this depends on how expensive it will be.